Balancing business needs and security obligations

In the course of our work helping and advising our customer, be it the organizations CEO or CIO, we are constantly met with a certain degree of push back from these leaders. Of course it is at no fault of theirs, that they usually prioritize business objectives rather than information security or cybersecurity best practice.

Insyghts Security is honored to collaborate with Keyaan Williams of CLASS-LLC in our vCISO service. One of our key initiative to bring about better discussion and education on information security, cybersecurity, and their relation with driving or be driven by business needs, is a series of CISO discussion webinar.

Our inaugural CISO webinar is targeted at C-Level executives on the topic of balancing an organization’s business needs with that of information security obligations.

Join us on the 28th of August 2020, 10am SGT for a discussion on this topic. /