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Cybersecurity Assessment


Cybersecurity Assessment

The assessment help the cybersecurity team provide recommended effective security strategies integrated into company operations while aligning to business objectives.

A cybersecurity assessment conducted by Insyghts Security is a holistic analysis of cybersecurity gaps across people, processes, and technology. The experienced and qualified team will examine your company’s overall information technology, security infrastructure, security controls, security-related policies and practices, and how they stack up against established information security frameworks, controls, best practices, and known vulnerabilities.

Cybersecurity Assessment

What do we assess?

A detailed assessment to understand the gap and identify vulnerabilities and strengthen defenses, close vulnerability gaps, and remediate weaknesses, prioritizing issues with the highest potential for bottom-line impact.

  • Existing information security policies and controls
  • Compliance with security framework and regulation
  • Infrastructure and application review for secure design
  • Resilience against vulnerabilities and threats

Security Maturity Assessment

As assessment to measure the company current state of information security and cybersecurity practice.

Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

IT and Security Risk Assessment to identify the inherent risk face by companies and their computing infrastructure. 

Risk Assessment (Third-Party)

Cloud and SaaS while providing convenient and cost benefit but exposes companies to risk of potential risk not in their control.