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Security Monitoring


Security Monitoring

Constant visibility into security incidents and potential cybersecurity threats attacking your organization

Cyber security threat monitoring describes the process of detecting cyber threats and data breaches. IT infrastructure monitoring is a crucial part of cyber risk management, enabling organizations to detect cyber-attacks in their infancy and respond to them before they cause damage and disruption.

Our Priority

Security Monitoring Mandate

  • A.I. Threat Intelligence to discover adversaries
  • Minimize Data Breaches
  • Improve Time-To-Respond
Secure Monitoring

Keeping Vigilant
on Cybersecurity Threats

Continuous or 24×7 cybersecurity monitoring through Insyghts Security can drastically improve your threat alerts and help you spend more time on your security strategies. Here are five solid reasons you should consider 24×7 cyber security monitoring in the year ahead. 

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