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Zero Trust Access Management

PrivX® is the lean and modern privileged access management you are looking for!

Different from traditional PAM solutions, PrivX® adopts the latest Zero Trust just-in-time technology which is the best fit to secure agile R&D teams, MSPs, outsourcers, and fast-growing companies.

With PrivX®, each connection will be validated in real-time with short-lived certificates that remove the need for passwords.

Our role based, on-demand workflow makes sure your environment would only be opened to third parties with your authorization.

With the enterprise-grade monitoring and auditing features, we assure you the all-access and sessions are under your control!

Due to the pandemic, we understand that you will need more time to get to know us and the solution. Therefore, we now open PrivX for a FREE trial for 90 DAYS up to 50 HOSTS! You could also get local support if you have any questions! Contact us NOW!


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