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Red Teaming


Red Teaming

Battle testing your policies, controls, and infrastructure to ensure are able to withstand a cyber attack.

Blind spots in your defenses may happen. We can help identify them before they can be exploited in a cyber-attack. Our Red Teaming puts your system’s defenses to the ultimate test, going beyond textbook methods to staging creative and unconventional attacks one would expect from real-world criminals. The result: an in-depth assessment of previously overlooked weaknesses and of how well prepared you are for a real-life attack, as well as a newfound awareness of how you can strengthen your defenses where it matters.

Read Teaming

What do we assess?

A detailed assessment to understand the gap and identify vulnerabilities and strengthen defenses, close vulnerability gaps, and remediate weaknesses, prioritizing issues with the highest potential for bottom-line impact.

  • Realistic tests for your system’s defences
  • Certified professionals who think and act like attackers
  • The assurance of ultra-safe execution

Security Maturity Assessment

As assessment to measure the company current state of information security and cybersecurity practice.

Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

IT and Security Risk Assessment to identify the inherent risk face by companies and their computing infrastructure. 

Risk Assessment (Third-Party)

Cloud and SaaS while providing convenient and cost benefit but exposes companies to risk of potential risk not in their control.