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About Us

Cybersecurity Service Provider

Serving Regional
Companies and Partners

We are a full-service cybersecurity service provider, assisting organizations with cybersecurity governance, cybersecurity engineering, and solution, and managed cybersecurity risk and threats operationally.

More than 25 years of experience combined with our consultants working in various industries has enabled us to assist companies and partners on their journey to secure their critical assets.


Determine your cybersecurity posture, risk, and gap, to develop strategies for implementing controls and governance. 


Deploy necessary controls and processes to protect against advance threats and close the gap on risks. 


Provide ongoing visibility on threats, vulnerabilities, and manage ongoing security operations.


Our Vision and Values

  • Services beyond your expectation
  • Best support among all venders
  • Budget friendly

Our Expertise

Information Security Management100%
Security Controls90%
Security Monitoring80%
Security Opertions80%

Knowing your security maturity and risk is the first step to understand what you need to secure your critical assets.