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Information Security Management


Information Security Management

Let our experienced vCISOs and consultants help to develop your organization cyber security playbook

Information Security Management System (ISMS) provides a systematic approach for managing your organization’s information security. Insyghts Security will assist you in developing and implementing a relevant and sustainable ISMS, through a number of key activities, mentoring your internal resources to ensure that the resulting system is one that is practical in your environment. 

Information Security Managmeent System

Objective of an ISMS.

This centrally managed framework will enable compaines to manage, monitor, review, and improve their information security practices in one place. Policies, procedures, and controls in the ISMS designed to meet the three objectives of information security:

  • Confidentiality: making sure data can only be accessed by authorized people
  • Integrity: keeping data accurate and complete
  • Resilience against vulnerabilities and threats

Security Maturity Assessment

As assessment to measure the company current state of information security and cybersecurity practice.

Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

IT and Security Risk Assessment to identify the inherent risk face by companies and their computing infrastructure. 

Risk Assessment (Third-Party)

Cloud and SaaS while providing convenient and cost benefit but exposes companies to risk of potential risk not in their control.