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Insyghts Security – Security Monitoring Service

We are excited to be working with W.Media on their Malaysia Cloud & Datacenter Digital Summit, and taking this opportunity to launch our much-awaited Security Monitoring Service with our partner Securonix.

The focus of our service is cloud and hybrid environments, for companies with significant investment in cloud services which may include infrastructure cloud, platform, or software service cloud. E.g such as AWS/Azure, O365, SAP cloud, etc.

What do you need to consider when selecting an MSSP and the supporting analytic platform that runs the security monitoring? Most SOCs is equipped to provide monitoring and providing alerts from traditional infrastructure. While some may be able to take on data from selected cloud services, most are not able to. For modern and cloud-powered enterprises, you need an MSSP that is able to quickly ingest data from cloud services, provide accurate threat detection and strong integration to the automated remediation process. As enterprises are exposed to the cloud, any effect of threats and breaches will spread faster and cause more lasting reputational damages.

Some of the key criteria to consider includes;

  • Threat vs incident
  • Security analytics, not just event and incident management
  • Well define Threat Model
  • User and event behavioral analytics
  • Threats in cloud services
  • Detection against insider threats
  • Breach that manifest over a period
  • Speedy, automated response to threats

Reach out to us to find out more about how we can help organizations keep a watchful eye on their data and assets, guarding against real threats.

Insyghts Security is an information security and cybersecurity service provider. Offering cybersecurity consultancy, security engineering, cybersecurity solutions, managed security operation, and security monitoring (SOC) services.

We cover the end-to-end information and cybersecurity risk and threat management, information security governance, helping organizations understand the risk and vulnerability of existing policies, systems, and processes, provide visibility into businesses’ threat incidents and events. Propose best practice security architecture design and solution that provide optimal protection, and service to manage detection and response to incident or breach. And a service team that provides constant monitoring and management of ongoing cybersecurity threats.

We work with strategic partners and their solutions to provide solutions and services that address zero-trust computing environment, UEBA and insider threats, and maintenance of cybersecurity hygiene. For more information visit www.insyghts.com.sg.

Securonix is redefining SIEM for today’s hybrid cloud, data-driven enterprise. Built on big data architecture, Securonix delivers SIEM, UEBA, SOAR, Security Data Lake, NTA, and vertical-specific applications as a pure SaaS solution with unlimited scalability and no infrastructure cost. Securonix reduces noise, prioritizes high fidelity alerts, and detects and responds to advanced insider and cyber threats with behavioral analytics technology that pioneered the UEBA category. For more information visit www.securonix.com.

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