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  • A previously undocumented cross-platform malware codenamed Noodle RAT has been put to use by Chinese-speaking threat actors either for espionage or cybercrime for years. While this backdoor was previously categorized as a variant of Gh0st RAT and Rekoobe, Trend Micro security researcher Hara Hiroaki said "this backdoor is not merely a variant of existing malware, […]
  • Cybersecurity researchers have warned of an ongoing cryptojacking campaign targeting misconfigured Kubernetes clusters to mine Dero cryptocurrency. Cloud security firm Wiz, which shed light on the activity, said it's an updated variant of a financially motivated operation that was first documented by CrowdStrike in March 2023. "In this incident, the threat actor abused anonymous access […]
  • Last week, the notorious hacker gang, ShinyHunters, sent shockwaves across the globe by allegedly plundering 1.3 terabytes of data from 560 million Ticketmaster users. This colossal breach, with a price tag of $500,000, could expose the personal information of a massive swath of the live event company's clientele, igniting a firestorm of concern and outrage.  […]
  • Threat actors linked to the Black Basta ransomware may have exploited a recently disclosed privilege escalation flaw in the Microsoft Windows Error Reporting Service as a zero-day, according to new findings from Symantec. The security flaw in question is CVE-2024-26169 (CVSS score: 7.8), an elevation of privilege bug in the Windows Error Reporting Service that […]
  • Cybersecurity researchers have disclosed details of an ongoing phishing campaign that leverages recruiting- and job-themed lures to deliver a Windows-based backdoor named WARMCOOKIE. "WARMCOOKIE appears to be an initial backdoor tool used to scout out victim networks and deploy additional payloads," Elastic Security Labs researcher Daniel Stepanic said in a new analysis. "Each sample is […]