Security Operations (SecOps)

Insyghts Security SecOps team provide the necessary resource, planning and tracking to assist and ensure a properly planned out ISMS or direction from vCISO is implemented. They will provide ongoing maintenance of controls and records to ensure compliance. They will be on the ground to response to incident and provide feedback and information to vCISO and management team for escalation and decisions.

SecOps Services

Track implementation of governance and compliance requirements
Track and manage risk associated with cybersecurity
Manage threats and vulnerabilities to ensure proper resolution
Handles incident from end-to-end with satisfactory resolution

A SecOps team shall bring order to the system;

  • Bridge gap between Security and IT operations
  • Ensure information security compliance and management of cybersecurity hygiene
  • Proactive management of risk, threat and vulnerability
  • Timely and structured responds to cybersecurity evens, incident and vulnerabilities
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How can we help?

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