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about us

Insyghts Security

Insyghts Security full-service cybersecurity provider, assisting organisation with cybersecurity governance, cybersecurity engineering and solution, and managed cybersecurity risk and threats operationally.

Cybercriminals are innovating faster and targeting more businesses and adopting a new approach to cybersecurity service that reaches more people is needed. The solution to better cybersecurity is not deploying the newest solution vendors can offer but a systematic approach to threat prevention and management, and a system that keeps up with threat and caters to the ever-changing security landscape, and visibility on cybersecurity hygiene. Our target segment is the mid-tier enterprises for our service while implementing advance technology to the large enterprises and government.

Insyghts Security leverage our years of experience serving government on an ISO 27001 and MTCS L3 accredited secure cloud service platform, to architect, deploy and manage complex application hosting, to serve enterprises with cybersecurity governance, engineering and managed security services.

Insyghts Security operates in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia, with local team supporting our customer and partners. We support our partners solution for other countries such as Korea, Vietnam, HK, etc, with this team of subject matter experts and consultants.

The first engagement with a customer starts with understanding and mapping out their Information Security and Cyber Security Maturity against an established framework and review the adequacy of ICT protection regime.
Insyghts Security approach information security and cybersecurity with a view that both aspect of security overlaps and are both important to the safeguard of organisation information and systems. We package our services to address both information security and cybersecurity.
Insyghts Security work with technology partners to deliver advance cybersecurity solution to comply with information security and cybersecurity needs.
Insyghts Security deploy resources to assist customer meet compliance and cybersecurity operational needs.

Our approach